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Medical Esthetics Diploma: COURSE OBJECTIVE



At Elite College, the secret is in our name – we’re a group of elite trainers who train people just like you to become an elite in the world of beauty therapy. We offer full spectrum training – from the basics of an effective consultation to win the trust of your client, to hands on, real life experiences in all of our medical aesthetics courses.



As a one of the leading educational and career

guidance producers in beauty industry, Elite College we

are proud to announce that we bring you the Medical

Aesthetic Diploma which the pathway to Advance

Competency in Beauty and Cosmetic Industry. Our

prime objective is to provide an individual with both

academic and practical techniques by addressing the

non-invasive cosmetic and aesthetic. We cover all the

topics mentioned under the course outline in depth and

ensure the training graduates have the sufficient

technical skills, clinical skills, ethic, procedural skills and

consultation skills to focus for a career in medical

aesthetics industry and alongside with cosmetic

practices in beauty industry.

Work Line of a Laser/ Medical Esthetician

A medical esthetician is trained to provide cosmetic skin care and skin treatments for

their clients. This can be ranging from mud facials and massages to Botox injections and

Laser removal treatments. Medical estheticians help patients with skin conditions, skin

traumas and aging skin to heal and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. They also

can administrate chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser therapy.

Where do Medical Estheticians Work?

A medical esthetician may be employed by a hospital, medical practice, or any

healthcare facility. Additionally, medical estheticians may also work in salons or

spas. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists commonly employ medical estheticians to

perform procedures including medical chemical peels, exfoliation, and photofacials

under their supervision.

Medical estheticians may also be self-employed entrepreneurs who contract their

services to medical practices. If you desire to take the entrepreneurial route, once you

are a trained and licensed medical esthetician, you can look for a physician who is not

currently in the medical esthetics industry to partner with. The ideal physician partner

has a busy practice that does not offer cosmetic medicine.

Growth of the Industry
As per the latest projected job growth from 2012 to 2022 according worldwide research
Labor Statistics is 40% and increasing for all skin care specialists.

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