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Getting a job that makes you happy while also covering your living expenses can be a difficult issue. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dream job presented itself to you – and if there were simple directions for achieving your goals?


The Personal Support Worker program will provide you with the information and skills necessary to provide compassionate care to people with a wide range of tasks necessary for daily living, including home care settings, taking care of Individuals with physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, and chronic acute diseases. The skills and knowledge you gain will enable you to work in a range of settings, including hospitals, homes, schools, community residential agencies, and long-term care facilities.

Highlights of the Program

  • This program incorporates the most recent industry practices and policies that are necessary for a student to learn in this field.
  • Working with teams in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and the community for 700 hours will provide you with considerable practical experience. Many students have received job offers from the agencies where they conducted their internships.
  • You’ll get all the assistance that is required to study, grow, and practice in this field.
  • Our faculty members are knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. The certificate you’ll receive is recognized by community agencies and healthcare settings.


After completion of the program, you'll be able to:

Work as a personal support worker in the community, retirement homes, long-term care homes, and/or hospital care settings, participating as a member of the interprofessional care/service team, and maintaining collaborative working relationships in the provision of supportive care in accordance with all applicable legislation.

Reasons why working as a PSW could be a good fit for you:

1) You can make a difference in your community!


It’s the wish of many people to make a difference in the community. Being a Personal Support Worker you can do it. From personal care to activities of daily living, meal preparation, vital sign assisting, monitoring medication, and being an advocate you will play a vital role in optimizing your client’s well-being and dignity.

2) It will make you feel happy!

Have you ever noticed how satisfying it is to assist someone? You’ll be able to leave knowing that you made a daily difference in the lives of your clients. Making our clients feel good about themselves, helping them achieve their goals, and improving the quality of their living is what the PSW does

3) This field is experiencing an increase in demand!

Nowadays, it’s the best time to enter this sector. Our homes and hospitals are in dire need of personal support workers who are looking for new opportunities.

4) Feeling of pride!

From the time you walk over the stage at the time of graduation you start your job as a reputable and respected health care professional, Personal support workers enter a profession they can be proud of. PSWs work in a number of settings with health care experts, including hospitals, clients’ homes, long-term care facilities, and retirement homes. The Personal Support Worker is a member of the healthcare team who provides direct care to patients.

5) You will not waste your time!

In approximately 1 academic year (42.5 weeks) in class and on clinical placement, Canadian career education college Personal Support Worker diploma program graduates are fully equipped to enter the PSW sector. Our previous graduates earn a handsome amount and are growing in their careers. You can choose when time is most convenient for you.

Graduates can work in a range of healthcare areas, including:

  • Long-term care facilities
  • Home care services (Housekeeper)
  • Group homes
  • Adult day programs
  • Educational facilities
  • Supportive housing settings including seniors apartments and retirement homes
  • Hospitals
  • Family (Child) caregiver

Before beginning a Personal Support Worker program, every student should be aware of the following information:

If you’re planning to start your career as a personal support worker, it’s the best time to start your career as a PSW. We are in severe need of PSWs as with the passage of time, the population grows older, and the elderly population is in more numbers than the young population. With the pandemic, attention is being drawn to how understaffed most long-term care institutions are, as well as the need for PSWs in hospitals.


Students who are debating whether or not personal support worker training is right for them. They have to understand that their job is not easy, they are frontline workers, and that their job is essential. PSW has to enjoy working with people and helping others since that is a significant part of what they’ll be doing. Being PSW they will be there day in and day out, witnessing the troubles, pain, and joy their clients are facing.


Earning of a Personal Support Worker in Canada.


In Canada, the average income for a personal support worker is $35,100 per year or $18 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $30,225 per year, with the highest-paid individuals earning up to $44,290 per year.

Advantages of taking this program:

If you are passionate about assisting the elderly, disabled, or unwell, and want to get a rapid start in the healthcare profession this is one of the best options to consider. Despite the global epidemic, there is still a considerable need for personal support workers, which makes finding a stable position as a PSW much easier. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this profession is in higher demand than other healthcare-related jobs.

1. It's a career that makes a difference in other people's lives.


It’s the wish of many people to make a difference in the community. Being a Personal Support Worker you can do it. From personal care to activities of daily living, meal preparation, vital sign assisting, monitoring medication, and being an advocate you will play a vital role in optimizing your client’s well-being and dignity.

2. Quick entry into the healthcare industry

Before you can start working in healthcare, you’ll need to complete years of study. However, all you need is 7 months of immersion training to become a PSW through the Elite College Of Business and Healthcare Personal Support Worker Program.


After completing the diploma program you will have all of the academic knowledge and practical experience that employers need by the time you graduate

3. Career growth opportunities

PSWs can advance in their careers by getting more work experience or continuing their education. Online, through universities, or even through businesses, a variety of training is available. As you get more expertise, more diverse work environments will become available to you. 

4. Job stability and security

In Canada, there is a great demand for PSWs nowadays. One of the reasons for this is that the population of people aged 65 to 84 has increased by more than 1.4 million in recent years. People in this age group are more than likely to require some form of supportive care, whether at home, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living community.


PSW positions are plentiful for fresh graduates due to increased demand. A career as a PSW will stay steady and safe because healthcare is a constant and basic requirement in our society.

Your course will cover:

  • Psw Foundation
  • Safety and Mobility
  • Body System
  • Assisting in personal hygiene
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Household management , nutrient and hydration
  • Care Planning/Restorative care/electronic documentation and working in community
  • Assisting the family, growth and development
  • Assisting the dying person
  • Assisting with medication
  • Cognitive and mental issue and brain injuries
  • Health condition
  • Clinical community placement
  • Clinical Facility placement