Facial Techniques

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Facial Tehniques Coure – Study the most popular Facial Techniques course medi-spa procedures and gain hands-on real-world experience. We specialize in training estheticians in a range of treatments and the latest facial movements. Thus program was created for individuals who have a passion for skincare. Also, Facial Techniques cover various courses including basic esthetics, skin, facial massage and specialized skin treatments. In addition, students will gain an understanding of business operations in esthetics and the various career pathways available in the industry. In Facial Techniques, students will learn how to analyze skin types and will gain the knowledge to perform fundamental and advanced facial treatments.

What you’ll learn:

This intensive certified Facial course includes training in bacteriology and sanitation, cell structure, muscle and skeletal systems, skin histology and physiology, disorders and diseases, skin type and skin condition evaluations, extractions, and massage. And, students will learn differentiating techniques that add relaxation and nurturing to the facial. Procedures will focus on a basic deep pore cleansing facial with steam and extractions. For all skin types and conditions, skincare products are used.

In addition, you will let it know how to use the high freuency. Models required.

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