Trusted by 8800 customers

Trusted by 8800 customers



At Elite College, we have you covered. We’re an all in one private college offering courses where you’ll learn the latest techniques in applying Instagram ready, flawless makeup, perfect eyelash extensions, seamless hair extensions and the most artfully crafted of nail art.

We also offer high tech, medical courses including how to administer Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables and how to successfully carry out a Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP ‘Vampire’, facial. We also train therapists in laser treatments including laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing.

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You won’t just learn how to correctly and effectively administer Medical Injectable and dermal fillers or carry out other non-surgical procedures, you’ll learn how to deliver them safely. The safety of you and your client is paramount, leaving you both happy and proud of the stunning results you’ll deliver.
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    If you think a career in the beauty industry is the right choice and you want to learn something big about the educational opportunities, techniques and professional job possibilities let Elite College Staff assist you online. With our hands-on training programs, individuals can achieve goals easily. We understand that injecting real-life customers is daunting especially when you’re going to do for the first time in your own salon. Learn how to deliver cosmetic injectables simply by watching a tutorial. There is much enthusiasm in the makeup & beauty industry and Elite professional school is glad to be the designated foundation providing students the inspiration, salon training, techniques and skills to be a professional artist.
    Your Success is Our Success

    Your Success is Our Success

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